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Mahajan Residence

Translating your ideas into distinctive designs, NVR Design Studio creates spaces that embody your unique style.


NVR Design Studio had the pleasure of renovating the home of Mr. Sameer Mahajan, a successful businessman in the steel industry, and his family in the charming Paschim Vihar neighbourhood. The project involved transforming four bedrooms and creating a grand drawing and dining space, which served as the central feature of the home. With the clients' open-mindedness and appreciation for modern luxury, the studio had the liberty to design a space that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
From the moment one stepped into the house, they were captivated by the inviting ambiance of the drawing and dining area, meticulously curated by NVR Design Studio. The studio's collaboration with Mr. Mahajan and his family was seamless, thanks to their impeccable taste and progressive mindset. This allowed the team to experiment with innovative ideas, integrating high-end materials, sleek finishes, and stylish furnishings to strike the perfect balance between opulence and practicality. The four bedrooms were transformed into personalized sanctuaries for each family member, reflecting their individual personalities and preferences. The project's success was a result of the clients' trust in the design expertise of NVR Studio and their collaborative spirit, culminating in a stunning home that truly embodied the essence of modern luxury.

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