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Maheshwari House

. Creating one-of-a-kind designs that celebrate your individuality, making your home truly exceptional.


The residential project by NVR Design studio in Karol Bagh is a modern and elegant home for Mr. and Mrs. Maheshwari and their two children. The project showcases the diverse and sophisticated tastes of the family members, who collaborated with the designer to bring their vision to life. The highlight of the project is the spacious and bright open kitchen, which illuminates the entire living area with natural light. The kitchen is equipped with sleek appliances and cabinets and features a large counter that doubles as a breakfast table. The project also incorporates elements of comfort and luxury, such as cozy bedrooms, stylish bathrooms, and a balcony with a scenic view. The project reflects the designer's creativity and skill in creating a harmonious and functional space for the family.

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